Storage Tanks & Solar Technology | OEG 4flex® Heatpipe solar tube 12/03/2014

Storage tank & solar technology workshop

On Friday, 28th November 2014 another group of 13 customers from Belgium and the Netherlands used the opportunity to visit OEG's storage tank and solar technology workshop and to witness their tank production closely. Besides solar sets, the refined 4flex solar tubes and the thermal management of the 4plus collectors, also several system diagrams of solar control units were discussed. The participants of the workshop were surprised about the wide variety of tanks and particularly interested in high-class OEG hygienic storage tanks. During the visit of the production facilities our guests went through all the production steps with a fine-tooth comb - from  the pipe coil to the plasma cutter and up to the quality control - every single step was explained to our customers. Later they had a cozy dinner together where they reflected on the day and exchanged their new experiences.